Er zijn vele mogelijke oorzaken voor vet haar, maar ze hebben één ding gemeen: de hoofdhuid produceert te veel talg. Hier vind je informatie, producten en tips om je te helpen bij de strijd tegen vet haar, zodat je je haar met de juiste verzorging en styling weer mooi en glad kunt maken.
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Tackle your greasy hair the right way with NIVEA

Greasy hair can be caused by a number of factors, but all people with particularly oily hair have one attribute in common; their scalps all produce too much sebum. Here we’ve got a really great selection of articles specifically tailored to people with greasy hair. Our experts bring you informational guides, tips and walkthroughs for maintaining your beautiful hair and keeping your locks and scalp happy and healthy-looking. So take a look through our collection of articles. You can narrow down your search to specific topics by applying our filters – located conveniently at the top of the page – according to characteristics or hair type.

Let’s talk science!

As mentioned before, the grease in your hair actually has a name: sebum. Sebum is an oily or waxy substance specifically designed to lubricate and water-proof your skin, scalp and hair. It’s highly beneficial to people and animals but unfortunately for some individuals, their scalps can produce more than is desirable. Sebum is produced all over your body by your sebaceous glands, located at the base of your hair follicles, but is by far the most prevalent on your head and face. It can often seem like washing your hair just isn’t doing the trick, with the oils returning shortly afterwards and leading to that lank, uncomfortable feeling as it falls, greasy and unappealing, over your face and shoulders.

We’re here to offer what help we can to reduce your hair’s oiliness

There are numerous ways that you can keep your hair’s natural oils to a minimum without drying out your scalp. It’s important not to trade greasiness for an itchy, peeling scalp though, so a certain equilibrium must be attained. Allow our experts to help you discover the proper techniques and haircare regimens to reduce oils without going too far and drying out your hair and skin. NIVEA is always here to help and with our informative and helpful articles we’re sure you’ll be well on your way to restoring your hair to the condition you’re looking for. Your hairstyle and look is often representative of your personality, and lank, oily hair probably isn’t the image you’re looking for. It’s not just unappealing, but the itchy tickle on your face can quickly become annoying and frustrating. Let us help you to help yourself and make oily, greasy hair a thing of the past.