Wassen, föhnen, stylen en dan nog even de zon in: ons haar krijgt dag na dag heel wat te verduren. Te veel stress kan je haar beschadigen. Maar met een rijke voeding en milde styling kan je haar zijn glans terugkrijgen. Hier vind je informatie, producten en tips waarmee je je beschadigde, futloze haar weer kunt laten stralen.

Maintain and protect your stressed hair

The rigours of everyday life can often take quite a toll on the integrity and health of your hair. If your hair has become stressed due to wind or dryness or is attracting too many split ends, we’ve got just the assistance you need. Pore over our helpful, informational articles designed specifically to answer your questions about fixing your stressed hair. With the proper care and mild styling, you should have no problem restoring your hair’s natural lustre and once again displaying your beautiful sheen. So read through our tips and see what we can do to help fix your tips.

Taking care of your hair doesn’t have to be difficult

When you’re stressed out, your hair can become stressed as well. Over time, life can begin to bear down on you, and when it does, it really helps to be able to keep your hair looking as lovely as ever. Your sense of self-confidence may even boost your mood and reduce the stress that put you in your situation in the first place! Both long and short hair styles are susceptible to becoming stressed out, and we’re here to help you make sure that doesn’t happen. With a few tips and the right products and application techniques, we’ll have your head of hair shiny and full once again. Split ends are a hassle for anyone, and proper haircare is the panacea to staving off the dryness that can leave your tips – and your nerves – frayed.

When you’re happy, your hair is happy

Maintaining your elegant sheen isn’t just about your haircare techniques or products, it’s also about keeping yourself healthy and happy. The stress on your hair isn’t helped by the stresses in your life, so steps should be taken to minimise these as well as enhance your overall health and well-being. It’s important to eat a healthy diet, get a good – and regular – night’s sleep and to make sure that your body is getting the exercise it requires. Whether it’s ageing hair, hair loss or simple split ends, minimising the stress in your own life will help you to tackle your stressed hair. So remember to cut yourself – and your hair – some slack. You can find the perfect articles and tips for repairing stressed or damaged hair right here by applying our search filters according to style, characteristics or other attributes.