Onze huid en ons haar zijn net zo uniek als wijzelf. Daarom moet je de verzorging ervan altijd aanpassen op je haar- en huidtype, maar er valt nog veel meer te ontdekken over dit onderwerp. Hier vind je alles over jouw persoonlijke beautybehoeften, plus handige tips, productaanbevelingen en informatie.
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Find the right NIVEA products for your personal needs

We all have slightly different skin and hair types and as such, we all require slightly different skin care routines and products. But how do you determine which products are the best fit for your unique needs and preferences? NIVEA is here to help! We’ll make sure you can analyse and treat your body care needs, be it repairing damaged skin or hair or discovering products for helping your hair shine brighter than ever. Let our expert articles inform and inspire you to try out new things, repair and prevent any damage you may already have or simply learn a thing or two about how your skin, hair and beauty work. Body care is a science – and we at NIVEA have cracked the code. We want to help you do the same.

The ideal product for every situation

Are you uncertain about which skin type you have? If you are, this will make it difficult to choose a new skin cream. We’re here to help you determine your skin type and then find the ideal solution, whether it’s fostering smooth, moisturised skin, treating mature skin and its wrinkles or simply protecting your lips from the harsh conditions of winter. Our haircare tips are ideal for those searching for a new look to suit the upcoming seasons or to treat dry hair, split ends and more. We know what you need to prevent damage and stay beautiful, and our practical guides, tricks and tutorials are useful for staying on top of all your cosmetic needs.

Our articles are easy to navigate and use

With so many products and so much advice out there, it can be hard to know where exactly to begin. But if you’ve got a problem, we’ve got a solution. This page is designed to be easy to navigate when you use our topic filters – located conveniently at the top of the page – to sift through the articles you’re most interested in reading. You can sort them by issue, product type or other characteristics. Here at NIVEA we pride ourselves on not only bringing you high-quality, effective body care products but also on our ability to deliver the most informative, relevant and useful knowledge for ensuring that you stay happy, healthy and beautiful.