Een vettige haaraanzet, gespleten punten of totaal geen volume: we kennen allemaal de kleine haarproblemen die speciale aandacht vereisen. Hier vind je verschillende artikelen vol tips, productaanbevelingen en informatie over hoe je schoonheidsfoutjes kunt voorkomen, de balans van je haar kunt herstellen en het met de juiste verzorging stralend mooi kunt houden.
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Let NIVEA help you manage those little hair emergencies

We all experience some little hiccups when it comes to taking good care of our hair from time to time. Try as we may, the occasional split end, peeling scalp or lack of volume sneaks up on us out of nowhere. But there’s no need to freak out. NIVEA has a large selection of articles designed specially to help you tackle these minor emergencies and prevent them from cropping up again. Our expert informational articles are designed to address your questions and problems, no matter how critical they may be. Your own level of stress can have an equally damaging effect on the condition of your hair, and stressed hair can become lank and unhealthy. Luckily, restoring its natural lustre isn’t as hard as you may believe. Browse through our tips and walkthroughs designed to help you handle all your haircare issues.

Don’t freak out! We’ve got this

The odd bump in the road is always to be expected when it comes to haircare. We can’t always foresee the little things in life and we can’t beat ourselves up when things don’t go our way. In short; these things happen. And when they happen, NIVEA wants to provide you with the assistance and relief that you need to fix things and get on with your busy schedule. Sometimes issues arise with the regularity of your haircare regimen, or perhaps the product you’re using is no longer optimal for the condition of your hair. When this happens – and it will probably happen at some point – just head on back to this page and do a quick search through our selection of articles. We at NIVEA pride ourselves not only on our high-quality haircare products, but even more so on our ability to help you solve your issues, whether they’re product related or not.

Let us teach you so we can prevent your little crisis from happening again

Our expertise is always at your service and, with our tutorials and walkthroughs, we can show you exactly how to give your hair the proper care that it deserves. Sort through our selection of expert articles and find exactly what you’re looking for using our filters – located at the top of the page – to narrow down your search to specific terms or hair characteristics. Take a look now and find out how NIVEA can help you to help yourself with all your hair SOS moments.