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The morning routine: Shower

Kick-start your morning with a shower
Waking yourself up in the morning can be difficult for some people, but an invigorating shower is often the key to a positive start to the day.

How to wake up happy

Nobody enjoys their morning wake-up call, but there are ways to lift your mood in the mornings.

Wake up the best way

Do you find yourself telling people you’re “not a morning person”? You’re certainly not alone. Lots of people struggle with the initial wake-up stage. 

Make sure to sit up as soon as you can and put your legs over the side of the bed to redistribute the blood in your body. At this point it’s a good idea to take a few very deep breaths to bring yourself back to life after your snooze. 

A lot of people exercise in the mornings to energise themselves – this can be a great way of waking up, but be careful not to overdo it or you’ll end up feeling even more tired.

Leave yourself enough time: No more rushing

The temptation to hit the snooze button a few times is always there, but is it really worth the stress of getting ready in a rush just for an extra ten minutes in bed? Stress in the morning sets a precedent for the rest of the day so make sure you allow yourself enough time.

5 ways to achieve a super quick start to the day

  • Prepare your breakfast in advance as much as you possibly can
  • Get your outfit ready the evening before
  • If your shower needs heating, heat it as you eat breakfast to save time
  • Cut down on hair washing to every few days
  • Always make your lunch for work the evening before and pop it in the fridge

Quick tips for feeling more positive when you wake up

  • Don’t drink alcohol the evening before – it can leave you feeling more drowsy than usual
  • Get out of bed as soon as possible after your alarm to give yourself a chance to wake up properly
  • Treat yourself to your favourite breakfast once in a while – it’ll motivate you to get up
  • Make it a rule not to check social media or your mails in bed – this can make you more stressed

Why is getting up in the morning such a struggle?

Most of us dread the sound of our morning alarm telling us it’s time to rise and shine. It usually feels too dark, too cold and too early to be getting up, but a lot of this feeling is to do with the science of sleep cycles.

You usually have four to six sleep cycles per night, each ranging from light sleep to deep sleep. If you’re woken up during one of the deep sleep stages, it becomes notoriously more difficult and you’re often left feeling tired all day.

Everybody needs a different amount of sleep for their mind to function properly – there’s no one-size fits all. But by discovering how many hours you need, you can tailor your bed time to your wake-up time, giving you the amount of hours you need to feel fresh and alive.

A shower: The best way to start your morning

Most morning routines begin with a shower – here’s how showering can get your day off on the right track.

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How to wake yourself up with a contrast shower

The contrast shower concept is simple: it involves alternating between hot water and cold water in short bursts. Usually you’ll have 1 of hot water followed by 30 seconds of cold water and repeat this cycle a few times.

You may be surprised at how effective contrast showers can be. The hot water will dilate your blood vessels and increase circulation and the cold water will constrict your blood vessels and decrease blood flow.

Not only does this practice make you feel alive and energised, it has also been proven to detoxify the body and reduce muscle soreness. So it’s a no brainer – if you think you can handle it!

Time yourself!

If you find yourself spending too long in the shower, invest in a shower timer to alert you when your time is up. This will help motivate you to get out. Why not use the extra time for fresh cup of coffee?

Reasons why you should never skip your morning shower

  • It leaves you clean and smelling fresh for the day ahead
  • It has a revitalising effect
  • It’s a great time to mentally prepare for your day
  • It can make you more alert for your working day

Awaken your senses

The feeling of water against your skin has a refreshing and energising effect. No matter how tired and irritable you feel when you wake up, making a shower part of your morning routine will give you a great start to the day.